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These Discussion Questions contain spoilers. You may wish to review the questions after you’ve finished reading the book(s).

Questions for Discussion: The Neighbors

  1. What do you think was the most impactful event in Abby’s life? How did it shape her in the short and long-term?
  2. Abby blamed herself for Tom’s death and pushed Liam away to deny herself true love. Do you know anyone who has punished themselves in similar ways? How has that affected them?
  3. What was behind Nate continually trying to “fix” his wife and restore her happiness? How do you think this impacted his decisions regarding himself and Sarah? Would he have been happier with someone else, and if so, why?
  4. When Liam and Abby meet on the retreat, he tells her he still loves her, and that they’re “married to the wrong people,” but Abby says she owes Nate “everything.” Did that situation justify Liam and Abby having an affair? Why?
  5. What do you think would have happened if Liam had immediately confessed he’d been driving? Or if Nate had told Abby about his sperm test results? How would it have affected the characters and their stories?
  6. Camilla tells Abby one in two marriages end in divorce because people pretend to be something they’re not when they first meet. Do you know anyone to whom that has happened? What did it do to their relationship?
  7. What scene did you think was the most pivotal in the story? How would the novel have changed if that scene had been different, or hadn’t taken place? What did you expect to happen?
  8. All the women in the story have deep-running, emotional issues. What could they have done to help each other, and how could that have changed their outcomes? Do you think women in general support each other enough? What more could be done?
  9. How did you feel when Abby died? Did your feelings change when you found out she wasn’t responsible for Tom’s death? If so, did that change surprise you?
  10. How can Nate deal with his grief, but also try to come to terms with the lies Abby told, and the secrets she kept from him?
  11. Do you think Sarah can keep the secret about Nate’s paternity? What would you advise her to do? How will her decision shape her as an adult, and do you think she’ll see Zac again?

Questions for Discussion: Time After Time

  1. How did you identify with Hayley, and her struggles at the beginning of the story? Were her feelings about her current life, and her daydreams about an alternate one, justified?
  2. What was the biggest issue in Hayley and Rick’s relationship, and how had they got to that point? How would you have advised them to address the issues, and when?
  3. Who was the hero in Time After Time, and did that person change for you during the novel?
  4. Do you think Hayley made the right choice when she married Rick? Which of her other boyfriends would you have picked instead, and why?
  5. What was the biggest or most shocking surprise about any of the characters’ alternate or real lives? What made you angry, laugh or sad?
  6. Hayley’s father, Stan compares relationships to houses, saying, “They need maintenance and if you’re not ready for that you shouldn’t buy one. And if the foundation isn’t solid to begin with, well …” How do you feel about that statement?
  7. What did you expect to happen to Hayley, and how satisfied were you with the ending?
  8. How do you think Hayley and Rick’s relationship will move forward in the future?
  9. What do you think the significance of the title Time After Time is?
  10. If you were offered the opportunity to experience a day in one of your alternate lives, would you take it? Why? Why not? Where would you go, and what would you hope to learn?